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After driving school bus about eight years for Abe Miller (contractor), Abe offered to sell his four school buses to Amos and Raymond Newswanger.  Raymond Hurst, Amos and Raymond Newswanger formed a new company in May, 1965; thus, the birth of Newhurst.  During the next several years, Newhurst purchased several buses for the Pine Grove Area and Blue Mountain School Districts. In the early 1970's, Newhurst purchased their first motor coach.

In 1965, Daub Brothers, Newhurst, and Jeck Aungst had the buses transporting students to Pine Grove Area.  Later, Daub Brothers dropped out and Newhurst and Jeck Aungst picked up the remaining routes.  In August of 1974, Amos and Raymond Newswanger bought Raymond Hurst's shares. In September of 1980, Newhurst split to form two separate companies.  Newhurst, with Amos Newswanger as owner, had the buses in Pine Grove.  Raymond Newswanger and his son Jay formed R & J Transportation with the buses at Blue Mountain.  In 1986, Jeck Aungst received the contract for the Williams Valley School District leaving Newhurst as the sole contractor for the Pine Grove Area School District.

Currently, Newhurst has 20 school buses and 11 vans transporting Pine Grove students to and from school daily.  In addition, Newhurst has seven motor coaches.  To date, Newhurst has been providing transportation to the Pine Grove Area School District for 45 years.  The present owners consist of Amos (president) along with his sons, Barry and Jerry Newswanger.  Both Barry and Jerry began their employment as extra hands cleaning school buses during the summers.  Barry came on board fulltime in 1988 and is now the current secretary and treasurer.  Just two years later, Jerry started fulltime and is now the vice president. In the subsequent years, a number of third and a couple of fourth generation family members became involved in the business.